About School Diary

Create excellence in and beyond classroom; School Diary is a reliable platform to engage parents and simplify teachers' day-to-day tasks.

Address Management Challenges

Your technology partner, helps you differentiate in the growing competition by increasing efficiency and continually improving the learning environment.

Involve Parents

Makes it easier for you to connect with parents and keep them involved at every step of their child's learning. All that a parent needs to know about his child's school is now possible with just a tap of a button.

Improve Teacher Productivity

Lets the teachers focus on quality teaching instead of them wasting time and effort on activities that can be conveniently rendered with School Diary.

Partner with parents to keep them posted about
  • In-school activities

  • Daily homework

  • Scheduled events

  • Important notices

  • Attendance records

And Much More
Thousands of parents and teachers daily collaborate through School Diary to improve the learning experience for students .

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